Freelance Web Development Pricing eBook

Rad Devon

Freelancing comes with a lot of uncertainty. Pricing your work and estimating projects are two of the most difficult skills to develop starting out. They also come with the highest stakes: if you screw up, you lose money!

Freelance Web Development Pricing gives you confidence amidst all the uncertainty. You’ll learn to:

  • Find your minimum hourly rate.
  • Make a profit on every gig.
  • Bid with confidence.
  • Handle pushback from prospective clients.

FWDP gives you a clear step-by-step roadmap to go from pricing your first gig to pricing for maximum profit.

Select the deluxe package to also receive a contract you can start using with your clients and recorded interviews with expert freelance web developers on their pricing strategies to give you additional perspectives and techniques to draw from when estimating and pricing your own projects.

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an ebook in PDF format

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